Oakgrove Community Centre offers a variety of programs that cater to the diverse needs and interests of its community members. The centre’s programs are designed to promote health and wellness, creativity, and community engagement. These programs provide a great opportunity for individuals to stay active, explore a new craft, and form meaningful connections.

Our art and craft programs  provide a space for individuals to unleash their creativity and explore artistic expression.

Our children and youth programs provide a fun and engaging environment for young individuals to learn and grow.

Our computer skills classes provide individuals with essential knowledge to navigate the digital world confidently.

Our culture and language programs celebrate diversity and offer opportunities to explore  new languages.

Our health and wellbeing programs are designed to support individuals in achieving a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Unleash your inner artist and express yourself through our diverse range of performing arts programs.

Our playgroups provide a fun and interactive environment where young children can play, learn, and make friends.

Join our welcoming social and support groups to connect with others, find support, and build lasting friendships.

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