Key Areas of Strategic Focus and Goals

Key Areas of Strategic Focus 2014-2016


Developing Our Programs and Resources - understand and respond to the needs of our community and build resources to enable growth.


Goal One:

Well-targeted and attended programs that reflect community need and aspirations.

Goal Two:

A vibrant community Centre all year round.

Goal Three:

A sustainable funding and income generation base.

Goal Four:

Effectively configured spaces allowing full utilization of the site.


Drawing in New and More Diverse Communities - truly reflecting the makeup of our community.


Goal One:

Members and user groups interacting with each other and a sense of community flourishes.

Goal Two:

New communities participating in the programs and activities at Oakgrove.


Growing Our Profile and Capacity –recognition from the community and our partners that we are a key community development organisation.


Goal One:

Enhanced community recognition of Oakgrove.

Goal Two:

Strong partnerships in place and trust from stakeholders that we are achieving our full potential and responding to community needs.

Strengthening the Organisation – a well-managed organisation with strong governance and skilled committee and staff.


Goal One:

A Centre that meets its management and accountability obligations on time, every time.

Goal Two:

Committee members, staff and volunteers are well informed, have access to training and enjoy a sense of pride and joy in their achievements.



SP KeyArea Diagram

Key Areas of Strategic Focus and Goals Diagram


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