Purpose, Values, Vision, Community Development Model

1    Purpose, Values, Vision, Community Development Model:

1.1   Purpose

To provide a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment where community can come together to engage in activities that enhance health and social wellbeing.

The Purpose is noted in the Oakgrove Community Centre Rules in accordance with Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 and the association Incorporation Reform Regulations 2012.

1.2    Our Values

Accessibility - for all members of our community.

Partnership – forming mutually beneficial relationships with community members, community groups, public and private sector organisations to deliver our vision and stay on purpose.

Respect – treating all people equitably and well regardless of their background and lifestyle.

1.3    Vision

Our vision is to create a dynamic hub to grow and nurture a sense of community.

1.4    Community Development Model

Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centre’s have adopted as a sector a model for community development that is described in six simple and generic steps. These steps enable houses to have a key role in local area planning to meet the needs of their local communities. These steps are outlined in the Department of Human Services Neighbourhood House Coordination Program 2012-2015  and are also included in the City of Casey Neighbourhood House  and Community Learning Centre’s Policy. This model underpins the day-to-day work of Oakgrove Community Centre.

Community Development Model

  1. Involving the community and encouraging participation and inclusion, and valuing diversity and difference at all levels of Neighbourhood House operation
  2. Identifying community needs and aspirations
  3. Determining appropriate community programs, activities and services in response to those needs, ensuring that diversity and difference are valued
    1. Partnering with community organisations, businesses, government and philanthropic organisations to secure appropriate funding and support
  4. Delivering quality programs, activities and services
  5. Evaluating the effectiveness of all aspects of Neighbourhood House operations, including programs, practice and governance.





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